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Talking 2010 Taxes

Posted by Admin Posted on Dec 18 2010

With what I hope is the last tax legislation for 2010 passing this week we can relax a bit about increased rates and get down to the business of getting client tax work prepped for the coming season.

If you do not know what to send in for 4th quarter estimates don't wait to ask whatever question you need to ask. I will be out of the loop between Chrsitmas and New Year's.

Remember to make your state estimate before December 31 and your federal by January 18th.

There a lots of quirks in the 2010 situation, so if you wish to file before April 15th, start early. You should realize that many 1099's will not come out until February 15th so be aware of what you expect to get and wait for it all to come in before getting your package to me.

IRS mandate this year. Everyone will E File. No big deal. Did 65% of all returns that way last year. Should be no problem. ( More on E Filing in later posts)

Happy Holidays to all!!